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Pushed Animation & Video Production Studio - Videos & Graphics with Personality

Here at Pushed, we are an animation and video production studio that loves to solve communication challenges. Whether you want to tell a complex story in under 60 seconds, sell your products, promote your business or educate and inform your audience, we can rise to the challenge and create animation and video content to surpass your every expectation.

Whether you want to employ film to capture a cinematic, sweeping landscape or immerse viewers in gritty and authentic storytelling, our talented team have the skills and expertise to deliver real results. We can produce a wide variety of animation styles, such as 2D, 3D, hand-drawn and stop-motion to create compelling, beautiful and memorable animated content. We can also offer traditional film options if you’d prefer to showcase scenery, your products and processes or a team of people.

To see the kind of content our animation and video production studio can produce, select a category or click on any of the videos below. Alternatively, please also visit our showreel page for more curated examples.

Pure Transfer Classic Gasket promo
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Pure Transfer Screen Gasket promo
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Abri Development Team Promo
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Abri Homes Promo
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Boatgen Promo
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Coastline Deadline Promo
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Beyonder Promo
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Spicy Mango Media Technology Consulting Promo
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Spicy Mango UX and UI Promo
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Spicy Mango Platform Architecture & Design Promo
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Spicy Mango Product Engineering Promo
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Spicy Mango Overview Promo
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Who we've worked with

National Trust
Brittany Ferries
Fairway Furniture
Imperial College London
English Heritage
Rock Oyster Media