National Trust – Leaky Dams

Pushed was approached by the National Trust to create a series of animations that visualise the work they plan to implement across their estates. This project involved taking live action of the current landscapes and adding computer generated imagery (CGI) visualisations of what the site would be turned into i.e., an agricultural field being turned into meadowland or agroforestry where fruit and nut trees are planted in the grazing land for cattle.

The animation was created using Blender and Cinema 4D, which is professional 3D modelling, animation, simulation and rendering software. It is an explainer video that serves to illustrate the purpose of the leaky dams project in an effective and engaging way, allowing viewers to better visualise and understand the purpose of the leaky dams project, funded by the Green Recovery Challenge Fund. Live action footage of the existing leaky dams constructed by the National Trust are combined with CGI to demonstrate what the actual positive impact of the dams will look like once they have had time to have an effect on the environment around them.

Client - National Trust
Producer - Dave Meadows
Animator - Tom Gasson
Editor - Joe de Noronha

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