Fairway Furniture – Autumn Sale TV Commercial

Fairway Furniture was founded in 1865 and since then has firmly established themselves as a reliable local furniture business, while still having the opportunities available to further their reputation as a well-known and trusted brand in Devon and Cornwall. Known for their quality products, their promotional videos are carefully constructed to adhere to their professional and reputable brand that they’ve curated since their inception, and this television advertisement for autumn of 2023 is no exception.

Each year, they have multiple sales which give them the opportunity to highlight new products and give customers the chance to see what they have on offer, showcasing products that are perfectly designed to upgrade their homes where necessary. Television commercials such as this one present the brand to customers who may not have heard of Fairway Furniture before, which means their message needs to be clear and the call to action must be actionable, engaging and true to the intended brand. This attention to detail, which Fairway Furniture is known for, serves to increase brand consistency and loyalty.

Pushed is known for much more than just animated content, and our creative team was delighted to work with the Fairway Furniture team to create this eye-catching advertisement through mastery of technical techniques and incredible attention to detail to ensure it all came together properly. This live action advertisement used a studio green screen to combine scenes to signify how Fairway Furniture’s products could all be combined to create a home. Due to the scenes needing to be synchronised, the shoot was highly technical in terms of timings and ensuring the lighting was constant throughout the whole backdrop. However, the result is a delightfully engaging advertisement that is sure to capture Fairway Furniture’s audiences and promote their brand this autumn.

Client - Fairway Furniture
Producer - Dave Meadows
Animator - Chris Allwright
Animator - Joe de Noronha
Cameraman - Gareth Allen - Sound View Media

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