BBC Teach – Elizabeth Garrett-Anderson

As seen in this example, animation is a powerful tool for simplifying complex ideas and stories into captivating formats that engage children, allowing for customisation to suit different age groups to ensure both attention and comprehension. Tailored for Key Stage 1 (ages 5 through 7), this four-minute animation was meticulously crafted using After Effects, Premier and Illustrator.

Using an approachable and entertaining 2D style and storytelling language that can be easily understood by the target age group, this video allows the process of instruction and inspiration to experience a fresh take for modern audiences and helps to make learning fun. Created through collaboration with educational experts, it seamlessly integrates essential curriculum points, offering an empowering educational experience to viewers. Through storytelling, it instils courage and perseverance in young minds, aligning with BBC Teach’s mission to provide valuable resources for educators, parents, and students across subjects and age groups.

Client - BBC Teach
Producer - Dave Meadows
Animator - Chris Allwright
Animator - Jess Killen
Animator - Matt Stewart-Tribe

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