Promo Videos

Designed to be attention-grabbing, entertaining and memorable, promo videos are a vital part of any marketing strategy. Whether your business wants to increase its public profile or is launching a new product or service, a bespoke promotional video can help your company to reach new heights.

Forming a big part of the consumer journey – normally, serving as their very first impression! – promo videos are a huge help to interested parties as they seek out information. If your content can hook a consumer’s interest right from the start by conveying your value and potential, then you may well convert them into a customer.

What to Consider When Planning Promo Videos

Video Length:
Promo videos should be quite short (no more than 2 minutes and ideally, under 1 minute in length), you’ll need to be brief and concise. A good rule of thumb, the less you put in, the more the viewer will remember. Tease them to create interest and leave them wanting more!

Clear Narrative:
Due to the length of the video, it’s crucial to ensure your points are clear and concise. Your audience should be able to easily follow the narrative, understand what you’re offering and the journey they can take to procure your products and services.

Highlight Your Value:
If you’re promoting a product or service, ensure you demonstrate how it would be of benefit to consumers. Communicate your key points (such as statistics, customer reviews, authority or experience) to showcase why the customer should choose you.

Educate & Inform:
All promo videos need to entertain, educate and inform the audience. It’s essential to deliver your information in a way that quickly brings the audience up to speed and allows them to build their knowledge of your product, service or business.

Visually Appealing:
As promotional videos need to be short and memorable, it’s crucial to create something compelling for the audience. Your video needs to pack a visual punch so that your viewers become immersed in the material.

Platform Appropriate:
If you’re planning to share your video on social media, it’s essential to make sure that the video is the right length for the platform. For example, Instagram videos should be a minute long, whereas Facebook and YouTube have no restriction on length.

How Can Promo Videos Help My Business?

If you’re looking to appeal to new audiences, break into new markets or want to make your marketing content more dynamic, then a promotional video is just what you need!

Offering great value to both the business and the audience, a video facilitates speedy and effective communication. Not only can businesses impart a lot of information in a short space of time, but audiences can also absorb and digest it quickly. It’s essential to design promo videos effectively so that you can showcase your essential information and reach your intended audience. Ask yourself, who the video will reach, where they’ll see it, how it will solve the audience’s problem and what you want them to do after watching. These questions will help you to clearly define and outline your content and proposition, as well as offering insights into effective marketing and promotion.

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