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Online Learning Videos from Pushed

The perfect addition to any training course, e-learning videos are designed to enhance the learning experience. Accessible via a web browser, this kind of educational content is a vital part of any business or school’s training package.

E-learning videos can help to revolutionise your content delivery, automate your processes and avoid using time-consuming or paper-based training programmes. Great for communicating complex information in easy-to-understand ways, video content can be used to deliver your whole training package or as part of a blended learning course.

The Development Process of e-Learning Videos

  1. Content Analysis: This is the first step in planning an e-learning video and arguably, the most vital! This process allows us to determine and recommend the most suitable method of delivery for your content.
  2. Storyboard Development: The storyboard helps to structure the video’s content. In this step, we’ll work to incorporate your objectives, the visuals, any text, audio content and any interactive elements into the planned design. This is broken down in a step-by-step and screen-by-screen basis to ensure the course content is as powerful as possible.
  3. Prototype Development: This is the stage where the e-learning videos really come together! We’ll ensure the course looks attractive, is easy to digest and effectively communicates your key points. The functionality of audio, graphics, user interface, assessments, interactivities and the overall course as a whole will be evident at this point.
  4. Course Submission: Once the online learning video has been completed and approved, the final step is to upload it to your learning management system (LMS). Whether you use a proprietary in-house system or something like Docebo or Moodle, we’ll ensure that your e-learning videos are sent to you in the correct file format and are ready to go!

What Are the Benefits of e-Learning Videos?

Cost-effective and time-saving, e-learning videos are a fantastic asset for any training provider. Designed to enhance productivity, aid employee training and offer an on-brand, reliable training solution for remote learners and employees. Online learning videos are a must-have for any business in the digital age.

What’s more, the videos are available 24/7 (great for user-guided learners and employees in different time zones) and provide a highly eco-friendly, easily maintainable alternative to paper training manuals and in-person seminars.

If you’d like to learn more about how our e-learning videos can help you, please get in touch with the team at Pushed! You can reach us by phone on 01752 346507 or via email at hello@pushed.co.uk.

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