Everyone gets annoyed by flies getting in the way and landing on everything, but it doesn’t have to be this way for much longer, because the BuzzyGo company has created a solution. Their fly deterrent uses light refraction to deter flies from coming into your home, turning your home into a cleaner, more welcoming, fly-free oasis. Its natural light emission technologies create scrambling messages for any errant flies, discouraging them from venturing any closer. So now, thanks to BuzzyGo, you can say goodbye to sprays, rolled up newspapers, and endless frustration as you chase flies around your home. Without chemicals or other materials, there’s nothing to refill or maintain and your BuzzyGo can keep working day after day!

This live action video combined with CGI, created a short but effective promotional video for BuzzyGo to help with their crowd funding project. Promotional videos such as this one are often a great way to encourage audiences to take action in this way, as the viewers can become more emotionally invested in the product or brand. For example, in this clip, BuzzyGo was able to remind viewers of the annoyance of rogue flies in their homes, including humorous examples of when things go awry, and offer a solution to this problem by explaining the simple scientific technology behind the BuzzyGo fly deterrent. In this way, the company now has a simple, versatile video to pitch their business to its crowd funding audience. 

Client - BuzzyGo
Producer - Dave Meadows
Animator - Joe de Noronha
Cameraman - Gareth Allen - Sound View Media

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