NHS Back Pain

Recognising the importance of increasing practitioner awareness of the most updated evidence and guidelines surrounding the diagnosis and treatment of back pain, the NHS commissioned a cutting-edge 2D animation by Pushed. Tailored to aid in the assessment, treatment, and management of adult lower back pain, this video combines streamlined delivery with comprehensive content. Crafted with practitioner accessibility in mind, it covers a range of topics from the causation through the referral processes in a language easily grasped by its intended audience.

By leveraging animated visuals, the result simplifies complex information, facilitating comprehension and retention among practitioners. Its primary aim is to optimise health outcomes for patients suffering from low back pain, and it achieves this goal through a succinct summary of updated guidelines and clinical pathways. This concise yet informative animation outlines the path to more effective back pain management and can be easily absorbed by busy providers. As these providers integrate the included protocols into their practice, the potential for improved patient outcomes and a reduction in the overall prevalence of back pain will hopefully increase.

Client - NHS
Producer - Dave Meadows
Animator - Matt Stewart-Tribe

Who we've worked with

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Plymouth Citybus
National Trust
Brittany Ferries
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