Fairway Furniture Winter Ad

This 30 second advert was aired on ITV from 26th December 2022 over the Christmas and New Year period. Fairway Furniture is a Devon and Cornwall based furniture retailer that frequently like to produce tv commercials that are anything but traditional furniture adverts that have seen their business boosted as a result. Such an innovative, engaging, and effective approach was carried over into this winter promotion which would be aired alongside the highly competitive ads that appear around the holiday season—so Pushed knew that their creation truly had to stand out in a major way in order to capture the attention of the audience and motivate them to remember Fairway Furniture’s brand long after the advertisement concluded. The illustrations designed for this ad were created to bring people’s imaginations to life by using the furniture in each scene as a jumping off point to show the real and imagined potential of the space. For example, a table isn’t just a place to eat, but also a castle that a knight needs to defend to protect the princesses, and a couch can be an airplane to take off to faraway lands. This ad serves to show that, although people might not initially put much stock in their furniture, it is actually a pivotal element of their homes as their lives are built on the furniture inside.   

With over 165 years of trusted service in Plymouth and surrounding areas, Fairway Furniture is considered a veteran retailer of both modern and classic sofas as well as dining suites and bedroom furniture, even including flooring. Their prices are considered unbeatable in Devon and Cornwall, especially considering the high quality that their products always reach. 

Client - Fairway Furniture
Producer - Dave Meadows
Animator - Chris Allwright
Cameraman - Gareth Allen
Voice Over - Alexia Kombou

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