Ainsley’s World Cup Flavours

As the world prepared for the competition and festivities brought on by the 2022 World Cup, Ainsley Harriet premiered a brand-new series for ITV called Ainsley’s World Cup Flavours to appeal to all of the food lovers who would also be cheering on their favourite teams in the impending football tournaments. It offered the opportunity to celebrate the many different types of food that bring families and friends together from all over the globe, especially during worldwide events like the World Cup, by filling the kitchen with a squad of football VIPS, managers, players and celebrity football fans. Cooking up jokes, meals, and engaging stories, Ainsley’s World Cup Flavours provided the perfect mix of ingredients for World Cup fans and foodies alike to view on their screens at home. It also gave an insight to the different countries, foods and cultures which would be involved in the World Cup, helping to showcase different regions that would be brought together by the competition. 

Pushed was approached to create the opening title resolve, which gave a glimpse into the food the viewers would see by providing a close-up shot of a delicious, mouth-watering meal along with a 2D animation to highlight the underlying themes of football that are found throughout the series. The title was introduced by an animated soccer ball bouncing along the screen, emphasising the connection to the World Cup while also providing an engaging, light-hearted way to juxtapose the live action footage with the text of the series title. As the show is simple, fun and full of lots of laughs, it was important that these same principles were communicated through the corresponding title sequence. The result is a fun 2D animation sequence that serves as a brief yet interesting opening to the programme.

Client - Rock Oyster Media
Producer - Dave Meadows
Animator - Chris Allwright

Who we've worked with

City College Plymouth
Champion Groundworks
Plymouth Citybus
National Trust
Brittany Ferries