2D Animation

2D Animation

2D animation is a widespread form of digital content due to its engaging, appealing nature and the incredible range of potential applications. As the name implies, it is used to create the illusion of movement through a two-dimensional space and doesn’t necessarily have to adhere to the rules of physics and body mechanics that can sometimes confine 3D animation. The boundary-less nature of 2D animation means that animators can test the limits of their imaginations and create a finished product that can be uniquely tailored to each client’s wishes. Because 2D animation is so versatile and is seen across the spectrum of the digital world, often the content that is created—be it a promotional video for a business or a corporate e-learning video—can be used, edited, and re-used multiple times, making it a cost-effective method as well.

How are 2D animations made?

The process of creating 2D animation requires an entire team of animators dedicated to envisioning, creating, and producing the story from beginning to end. Artists need to consider a great deal when they create animations, and before anything is drawn, all of the components of the end goal need to be carefully planned out. Animation differs from live action video in that every single element needs to be created by the artists, so careful thought is required. This includes planning the backgrounds, effects, characters, movements, and objects as well as working out how all of these components will interact with each other from frame to frame.

Once the story and all of its mechanisms and details are sorted, it is finally time to begin working on the animation itself! The creative team at Pushed utilises digital programmes such as Adobe After Effects and Illustrator to create stunning and imaginative animations according to each client’s unique specifications. For a character or object to appear as though it is moving, each miniscule component of every movement must be drawn in its own frame, meaning that for every second of video, around twenty-five actual frames are created. For reference, a simple thirty-second promotional video will have seven hundred and fifty individual frames! When these frames are placed together, the illusion of movement is created, bringing the scene and story to life. Audio and music are added as a finishing touch, and the piece is ready to be delivered to the client!

Who can benefit from using 2D animation?

When it comes to who is best suited to benefit from two dimensional videos, the short answer is—everyone! As everything from marketing to education moves to follow the current digital trends, 2D animation stands out in its versatility, convenience, and cost effectiveness. This creative form allows you unlimited freedom to craft a video according to your exact specifications. Whether you want to explain safety in the workplace or tell a story about a unicorn with magical powers, 2D animation will not limit your options. Some common uses for this medium include:

This form of animation appears in everything from popular cartoons and movies to branded infomercials and promotional videos. It is so widespread because it is so versatile and has been proven effective—animated videos increase online engagement. At Pushed, we have created content utilizing 2D animation for an incredible variety of clients and briefs—including the BBC, the Equality and Human Rights Commission, and ITV. If it works for them, it can work for you! Videos receive more engagement than text content, and 2D animated videos repeatedly stand out in the industry, so reach out today to talk with our team about creating personalised animated content for your individual goals, company, and brand.

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