Unwind with ITV

To help promote increased mental health in viewers, ITV created a series called Unwind With ITV, a daily accessible space which encourages bespoke mindfulness through predictable and abstract designs that are designed to help the viewer focus their thinking and relax. Series 1 launched to great success across the platform, as over eight million viewers tuned in to the mesmerising designs to take a mental break from their daily stressors and tune into the present moment. Following the success of series 1, ITV decided to create series 2 of Unwind With ITV and so Rock Oyster Media commissioned Pushed to create the animations. Using a combination of Cinema 4D and Blender to make these 3D animations, we used similar themes to those used in series 1, expounding upon what we knew was a success and updating the motifs to make series 2 even more visually relaxing.

To convey the proper state of mindfulness in each segment, we focused on colour pallets representing different themes: serene (turquoise theme); uplifting (colours and warming); and moody (purples, greys, silver and greens). Each piece was designed to be visually pleasing to the senses and provide a way for the viewer to get lost in the textures and colours and unwind for a bit. By offering predictable and satisfying themes, audiences are easily mesmerised, which allows them to disconnect and relax. Created as a break for the brain, we employed not only colours but also textures and sounds—the dominoes have slow falling sound effects and the soft spheres show different textures such as metallic, silk, rubber, shiny and matte. The result is a satisfying, relaxing instalment for series 2 of Unwind with ITV.

Client - Rock Oyster Media
Producer - Dave Meadows
Animator - Joe de Noronha

Who we've worked with

City College Plymouth
Champion Groundworks
Plymouth Citybus
National Trust
Brittany Ferries