How Long Does It Take To Make An Animation?

How Long Does It Take To Make An Animation?

How Long Does It Take To Make An Animation? People consume animated media all day long, almost without even thinking much about it. Viewers rarely pause to consider the enormous amount of complexity and detail that goes into even the shortest animated clips. However, the creation of an animated video is an incredibly time consuming process from start to finish, requiring an astonishing amount of skill and expertise.

How fast can I expect my animation?

There are several factors to consider with regards to timeline when working with an animation studio. For example, more complicated 3D animated videos are going to require more work—and therefore time—than simpler 2D videos. Additionally, the illusion of movement is created through the rapid succession of distinct frames. Typically, most videos utilise about twenty-five frames per second. This means that in a brief, sixty-second video, animators must individually create 1500 unique frames. The complexity of the scenery, audio, and storyline can also add time to the delivery estimate.

There are multiple factors to consider that can impact the length of time it takes to deliver an animation, these include the initial briefing process, complexity of the idea, duration, the type of animation being used for example 2D, 3D or stop motion and legal clearance and approval chains.

Why does it take so long?

“So long” is all relative—when you consider the immense amount of work, creativity, artistry, and brainpower that goes into just a few seconds of animation, it really is a rather quick turnaround time. Pushed’s own process includes seven key steps to ensure a quality video:

  • Brief: We want to be sure that we understand exactly what you envision for your animation, so we take our time asking questions and discussing ideas until we get it exactly right
  • Script: This is where we start nailing down the storyline by hashing out the details of each scene
  • Style: Animation is an art form, and a great deal of time is spent figuring out which style will best suit the story
  • Storyboard: Each scene is carefully drawn before the individual frames are created so that every detail of the animation can be planned
  • Animation: Now the real work begins! Our team of animators bring every aspect of your project to life with their incredible artistry—and a little bit of magic
  • Audio: Voice overs, sound effects, and music are added on top of the animation at this stage
  • Delivery: It’s all yours! The final product is delivered and can begin working for you

Why spend the time and money on an animated video?

The enormous creative effort that goes into every second of an animated video clip pays off tenfold down the line. Whether educating or promoting your message, the unlimited freedom of custom animation allows you to tailor your product or service exactly to your audience promoting your message much more effectively than simple text advertising. It can also be efficiently updated making them highly cost effective for businesses in the long term. Live action footage is limited in its flexibility and creativity whereas animated content allows your message to be conveyed in a way that will grab the attention of viewers, taking you to places you would not normally be able to film, resulting in more interaction.

Although the production timeline of an animation can be long, this is because it is a highly complex and detailed process—but this produces results that are well worth the effort. Whether you are looking for an explainer video, e-learning content, promotional clips, or anything in between, contact Pushed today to discuss your vision and begin the process of creating an animated masterpiece that will work for you.

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