Don’t just stick your head in the sand – taking action can keep your business afloat!

Taking Action To Keep Your Business Afloat

Unless you are an ostrich with its head in the sand unaware of current events, you have likely noticed that it seems more difficult financial times may be ahead. Unfortunately, the reaction that many business owners have when experts begin to foreshadow a recession and hard times for businesses is just that—sticking their head in the sand like a frightened ostrich and hoping that the danger will pass them by. However, as the large flightless bird can likely tell you, this is not a sound strategy for avoiding danger and hard times. If you want to protect your business against looming inflation and financial instability, taking defensive action can help to support—or even potentially grow—your clientele and profits despite unstable economic times.

But how can you take this defensive action even in the face of uncertain markets? During hard times the consumer doesn’t disappear altogether—rather they become more reticent and less likely to spend their money without careful consideration. This means that you need to reach them where they are and provide them with a clear and cohesive image of your brand, emphasising why they should trust you with their business even in such unstable times. Pushed can help you create animated content that will support your business rather than hinder its growth. If you resort to sticking your head in the sand and burrowing down at the first sign of bad weather, your business flounders and you stand no chance of growth.

  • Reach your audience: When people aren’t out looking for ways to spend their money, businesses must go to them. This means reaching them through digital platforms with content that is engaging and captures their attention. Animations are effective, informative, and eye-catching, acting as an efficient way to reach your audiences when they are not actively seeking out companies.
  • Encourage growth: Animations not only help you better communicate directly with your consumer, but they also encourage growth through overall brand cohesiveness. They act as the first point of contact for a consumer and can engage with them in order to direct them through your website or product pages. Animations are infinitely customisable, they can be uniquely tailored to this task.
  • Get your message across: Let’s face it—when hard times hit, consumers are stressed, worried, and dealing with information overload. Bombarding them with still more information means that they will have difficulty remembering what your brand is or what it stands for. Animations allow you to succinctly deliver a message that can be easily understood and digested without as much cognitive load. This means that your content will be better remembered later when individuals are ready to make a purchase.
  • Engage your audience: When potential consumers are hesitant to spend money or invest in a brand, it can be incredibly difficult to engage them with content and marketing. In these instances, animation can be your best friend as it provides a novel, entertaining way to present information and encourage buy-in from your audience. While live action narration is overdone and easily tuned out, animations are fresh and exciting, easily engaging viewers.

If you are worried about the possibility of hard times ahead, don’t stick your head in the sand and wait for inflation and uncertainty to hit your business. Use animated content and promotions as a way to grow your brand, enhance your trustworthiness to the consumer, and reach your potential consumers where they are. Whether you are ready to take defensive action to fortify your business practices against any troubling economic times that may be ahead, or you still have some reservations about how animations can be a good investment, reach out to Pushed today to discuss your ideas and options and receive an initial quote.

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