World Television Day

For this animation, Pushed chose a style and colour set that harken back to the earlier, retro days of television, bringing the viewer back to where it all began and recalling the early days as a way to reflect on how far we have come. From boxy, unwieldy televisions with staticky pictures and minimal channels, to having everything that we could possibly wish to watch just a button away on a high-definition flat screen, the television has been there through it all and has helped to shape our local and global culture into who we are today.

In addition, this social media animation creates a chance for Pushed to engage with our viewers and audiences in a way that can spark a conversation while also showcasing the styles and techniques available for potential animation clients.

Client - Pushed
Producer - Dave Meadows
Animator - Matt Stewart-Tribe

Who we've worked with

City College Plymouth
Champion Groundworks
Plymouth Citybus
National Trust
Brittany Ferries
Fairway Furniture
Imperial College London