WISKA has been an industry leader for well over a century, carefully manufacturing original products for use in shipping, industry and trade installation materials, and lighting and video surveillance equipment. Their portfolio includes cable glands, junction boxes, searchlights, floodlights, reefer container sockets, and CCTV systems, and they ensure that every product delivered is of the highest quality. WISKA reached out to Pushed to create an animation that would allow them to showcase the benefits of their products in a way that aligned with their company brand and messaging. The result is this simple, professional animation that explains the benefits of select products in an engaging yet easy-to-follow manner to highlight the WISKA innovations to potential consumers.

To accomplish this animation, Pushed used a combination of Blender and After Effects to create a CGI-based animation with a clean look and a professional feel. CGI, or computer-generated animation, creates lifelike animations that are perfect for product showcasing such as this. When live action footage is used in an explainer video, there is no way to effectively capture the many moving parts without also including background components, distracting mechanics, and utilities. CGI allows the animator to create a hyper-realistic image of the product and artfully manoeuvre the object within the scene with life like precision without cluttering the background with semantics. The finished product results in a clean, simple graphic that highlights the benefits of the WISKA products in a professional yet engaging manner. With blank and toned-down backgrounds, the careful use of CGI in these explainers allows the viewer’s entire focus to remain right where it belongs—on the WISKA featured products and their innovative benefits. This method allows the intended message to be conveyed immediately and succinctly to viewers. 

Client - Wiska
Producer - Dave Meadows
Animator - Joe de Noronha

Who we've worked with

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Champion Groundworks
Plymouth Citybus
National Trust
Brittany Ferries