Wellbeing at Work

This 2D explainer video was created by Pushed to promote the Wellbeing at Work initiative and help business owners to understand its basic principles. Featuring engaging and brightly coloured graphics designed to capture the audience’s attention and engage viewers, this animation describes the program by breaking down its elements into three simple steps—wellbeing awards, wellbeing champions, and wellbeing training. Each step is illustrated using animated graphics to visually describe the components of each section, detailing how each element can offer audiences the opportunity to improve the wellbeing of the employees within their business. Using animation to illustrate concepts is an effective strategy for promotional and explainer videos, as it allows the concepts to be conveyed clearly and effectively in a much shorter amount of time. Additionally, the information stays in the audience’s mind for a much longer period than by using words alone. The result is an engaging 2D animation that details the benefits available through the Wellbeing at Work initiative while also capturing the attention of the audience. 

Client - Wellbeing at Work
Producer - Dave Meadows
Animator - Chris Allwright

Who we've worked with

City College Plymouth
Champion Groundworks
Plymouth Citybus
National Trust
Brittany Ferries