Pure Transfer – Smart Gasket

Pure Transfer is a UK and European distributor for high purity components across many sectors whose support team enables them to handle sales, advice, design, build, assembly and testing all under one roof. From gaskets to hoses, they ensure their products go above and beyond industry standards. They are a highly respected company with a professional reputation and wanted to highlight this with a promotional video for their Pure Transfer Smart Gasket that would be at once memorable and engaging, encouraging audiences to buy into their product and the strong values and quality backing them. This led to the creation of this humorous, quirky video underlining the benefits of the Smart Gasket. 

Pushed’s brief was to create a series of promotions that were lively, informative and humorous in order to bring these products to life in an engaging way that would buck the trend for this type of industry. To do this they quite literally brought the Smart Gasket to life in the form of a memorable and wise-looking 3D character, playing off of the title “smart.” The gasket, who is standing next to a smaller character who is clearly younger and less experienced, quickly sizes up the situation and realises the danger just in time to jump out of the way of a falling anvil, which crushes the hypothetical competition. Designed to make audiences smile and play off of the catchphrases “they don’t call it smart for nothing” and “no drama allowed,” Pushed managed to turn ordinary hardware into something outstanding for the industry, setting Pure Transfer apart. The characters were engaging, the story was humorous, and the soundtrack was upbeat, which made for an effective and enjoyable promotional video that can be used across multiple platforms. The 3D characters were built in Blender and each additional gasket animation in the series tells a short funny story to make each product memorable for the audience. 

Client - Pure Transfer
Producer - Dave Meadows
Animator - Joe de Noronha

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