Pure Transfer – The Flexi Hoses Marry

This 3D animation is a continuation of a series of animations that Pushed has created for Pure Transfer using a creative and unique marketing approach. The series seeks to promote Pure Transfer’s line of hoses and gaskets by telling humorous stories that make the mundane interesting by giving personalities to these average, everyday hoses. This strategy gives potential customers something to consider regarding the Pure Transfer brand and the products that they sell, as this promotional video is designed to be engaging and memorable in order to allow the Pure Transfer name to stick with their audiences beyond the 30 seconds allotted for the video. No words or conversation was needed to show the succinct marriage of the hoses, humorously adding the tagline “Hoses. It’s a love thing” before cutting back to the now-darkened room of the hose marriage, in which the hoses have remained entangled. Without diving into mundane details of the specifics of hoses, it provides an engaging way for potential consumers to interact with the brand, leaving an impression that will last with the audience. It shows the limitless creativity available to businesses who choose animation to promote their brand through innovate and imaginative marketing strategies. For this project, Pushed brought the animated hose pairing to life using a combination of Blender and After Effects.  

Pure Transfer is a UK and European distributor of high purity components across many sectors. From gaskets to hoses, they ensure their products go above and beyond industry standards. Their aim is to rid the world of compressed gaskets and improve the working life of high purity hoses across the globe.  

Client - Pure Transfer
Producer - Dave Meadows
Animator - Joe de Noronha
Scriptwriter - Chris McGuire

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