Pure Transfer – Orifice Gasket

Pure Transfer is a UK and European distributor for high purity components across many sectors whose support team enables them to offer sales, advice, design, build, assembly and testing all under one roof. From gaskets to hoses, they ensure their products go above and beyond industry standards. The company has a reputation for quality, long-lasting products, but wanted to create a promotional video that would be at once engaging and memorable for audiences, allowing their name to stick with them beyond the brief thirty seconds allotted for the video. To do this, Pushed focused on humour to create relatable characters that would capture the attention of viewers.  

This video focuses on orifice gaskets, which can adjust flow rates, balance backflow and equalise backpressure using standard procedures. Rather than present this information in a standard advertisement, which would likely not be engaging or memorable for the audience, the creators played off of the phrase “The Orifice Gasket—It gets your ducks in a row” to inspire a quirky video featuring a gasket performing quality control on ducks travelling on a conveyor belt. The video was designed to make audiences laugh and included such quips as “laser not included” as the gasket used lasers to shoot a duck on the conveyor belt that was too large. 

Pushed’s brief was to create a series of promotions that were lively, informative and humorous in order to bring these products to life in an engaging way that would buck the trend for this type of industry. Because these videos are so light-hearted, they become much more versatile and can be used by Pure Transfer across a variety of platforms, including social media and their website.  television. All 3D characters were built in Blender and each gasket animation tells a short funny story to make each product memorable for the audience, contributing an overall cohesive and unforgettable component to Pure Transfer’s brand. 

Client - Pure Transfer
Producer - Dave Meadows
Animator - Joe de Noronha

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