Pure Transfer – Classic Gasket

Pure Transfer is a UK and European distributor for high purity components across many sectors whose support team enables them to offer sales, advice, design, build, assemble and test under one roof. From gaskets to hoses, they ensure their products go above and beyond industry standards. They needed a promotional video to highlight this quality and loyalty in their products, specifically the standard gasket, while also being engaging and memorable. 

Classic gaskets are used widely in the pharmaceutical, biotech, food, dairy, beverage and other sanitary process industries, where they seal the connections in sanitary pipe lines. Making such a standard product appear appealing enough to stand out from the vast amount of digital media that individuals consume every day can be a real challenge, which is why the Pushed team focused on creating a memorable story line for the gasket, going against the typical strategies for industry promotions. The video shows the rather ordinary “classic gasket” amongst several other unique gaskets at a party, followed by the catchphrase “The Classic Gasket—being exciting is overrated.” Presenting ordinary products in this manner encourages audiences to be attentive to the content as it is presented, and adding humour allows viewers to remember the Pure Transfer name next time they are in need of a product that they offer. 

Pushed worked with Pure Transfer to create a series of upbeat promotions that were lively, informative and humorous in order to bring these products to life in an engaging way that would buck the trend for this type of industry. All 3D characters were built in Blender and each gasket animation tells a short funny story to make each product memorable for the audience. This allows Pure Transfer to incorporate a cohesive brand message across their social media and advertising content, making them more immediately recognisable by the general public. 

Client - Pure Transfer
Producer - Dave Meadows
Animator - Joe de Noronha

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