Plymouth Citybus Recruitment Promo

Current reports are showing that nearly 1 in 10 bus driver positions are vacant This comes following reports of driver shortages across the country due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Brexit and more. As a result, Plymouth Citybus launched a hiring campaign to target Plymouth Argyle football supporters by using football terms and references and seeking to embody the team spirit that they would experience if they chose to join Plymouth Citybus. The idea behind this strategy is to show this animation at Home Park football stadium during matches as part of their recruitment campaign. To accomplish this task, the animators at Pushed used simple, engaging line graphics throughout, paired with an eye-catching red background which directly reflected CityBus’ brand identity to grab the attention of viewers in the busy visual environment. Similarly, always keeping an eye towards the best way to convey the content with the environment in mind, the message was kept short and simple so that it could be easily digested by those in the crowd. The animations supplemented the text to further drive home the point, and the entire animation finished with a call to action for the viewers: “what’s stopping you?” This was designed to leave them with something to think about, hopefully giving them a gentle push to encourage them to apply to work for Plymouth Citybus.  

Plymouth Citybus is a bus operator that offers bus services in Plymouth and surrounding areas in order to offer the opportunity to travel to everyone. At one point it provided 75% of the bus services around Plymouth, but over the years their services have varied depending on demand and what other bus companies offer. Now, in light of current situations, they find themselves underemployed and in need of drivers to meet the demand for public transit in the Plymouth area.

Client - Plymouth Citybus
Producer - Dave Meadows
Animator - Chris Allwright
Animator - Amy Lucas

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