NHS – Epidural

Animation is one of the best ways to distil complicated concepts into an easy-to-understand format, especially when it comes to healthcare. Medical jargon and explanations can quickly become confusing and overwhelming to someone who is not a healthcare professional, and animations provide an excellent way to make such information more accessible to individuals from all walks of life. When individuals are confused or uncertain about a disease, process or medical procedure, it adds a great amount of stress to their experience within the healthcare system, and mitigating this stress is always a priority.

A perfect example of the usefulness of animation in helping to make healthcare information more accessible to consumers is this 2D animated explainer created by Pushed for the NHS. The video, which was created in After Effects, Illustrator, and Premier Pro, was commissioned in order to explain the benefits and potential side effects of the process of an epidural. Designed to be displayed on screens in hospital waiting rooms, the media brings an intimidating concept to life in a digestible way, interpreting the intricate actions of epidurals in an easily understandable manner. Information presented in this manner also helps to dispel myths surrounding many aspects of healthcare, so that consumers may make better informed decisions about their care. Additionally, because animations are so versatile and can be used across a variety of platforms and services, this animation will also be employed by the NHS across their social media channels, and it will be sent directly to expectant mothers, increasing its reach exponentially. For this animation, Pushed chose calming colours, simple animations, and a  friendly and approachable style that ensures that the information contained in the animation is not overwhelming to expectant mothers who may be stressed about their upcoming birth.

Client - NHS
Producer - Dave Meadows
Animator - Chris Allwright

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