National Trust – Riparian Planting

In November 2020 the National Trust was awarded a grant as a result of the Green Recovery Challenge Fund. This gave them the chance to start returning some of their land to its natural roots. One way they’re doing this is by introducing riparian planting, which is the process of planting trees and vegetation along the banks of rivers and streams. This strengthens the banks due to the roots of the trees and creates diverse water flow patterns due to branches and leaves falling and altering the natural water systems. These trees also provide shelter and shade for fish by fallen branches and overhanging limbs. On the whole, riparian planting serves to cool and protect local waterways, preventing erosion, slowing water flow to reduce damaging floods and droughts, and acting as a habitat and shelter for the local plants and wildlife to thrive in their natural setting.

This video was created as an explainer video for National Trust to use as a way to demonstrate the benefits and effects of the concepts of riparian planting. Rather than simply explaining in an article the benefits of such practices, Pushed created a compelling, engaging video to provide a visual of the process that would be much more impactful to viewers. These animations were created using a combination of Blender and Cinema 4D, which allows 3D modelling, animation and rendering in order for stakeholders and visitors to understand the work that is being put in by the National Trust to create areas on their estates for the local animals and vegetation to take root and thrive. The result is an interesting film that uses live action video with CGI technologies to not only explain a concept, but effectively demonstrate it as well.

Client - National Trust
Producer - Dave Meadows
Animator - Tom Gasson
Editor - Joe de Noronha

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