Merry Christmas 2022

To commemorate Christmas 2022, Pushed created an animation that could be shared across social media platforms as well as sent out to their clients and business network contacts to wish them a happy festive season and provide a way to connect with them over the holidays. The card depicts the adventures of a gingerbread person Christmas tree decoration who falls from the tree directly into the plate of goodies that has been left out for Santa, whose approach is looming. For a moment, the viewer is led to believe that Santa will decide to eat this charming gingerbread person, but it’s soon revealed he goes for the mince pie instead before returning the gingerbread person to its rightful home. The decoration can then spend the rest of the festivities on the Christmas tree. 

The video acts as a way for Pushed to reach out to clients and connect with them through a humorous and light hearted holiday video, while also showcasing their animation skills and talents that their clients can use in the new year. As they spend time relaxing with their friends and loved ones over the holiday season, they can also look back on this cheery animation as inspiration for ways that they can work with the Pushed team to further their brand and images in the upcoming new year. This video was created using a combination of Adobe After Effects, Illustrator and Premier Pro. This animation is 2D, but Pushed have also created 3D, as well as using isometric grids and stop motion layered over live action footage.

Client - Pushed
Producer - Dave Meadows
Animator - Amy Lucas

Who we've worked with

City College Plymouth
Champion Groundworks
Plymouth Citybus
National Trust
Brittany Ferries