James Martin’s Great British Adventure Titles

Opening Credits - This opening sequence was created for James Martin’s Great British Adventure programme and includes animated maps and an opening title resolve and graphics package.  Everything was drawn in an isometric style, so that the generic assets could be interchangeable between the graphics, creating a versatile and visually appealing piece. When it comes to television programmes, it is incredibly important that the title sequence and opening credits accurately convey the feeling and energy of the upcoming show in order to keep viewers engaged as well as to cohesively and visually link all of the episodes together in a manner that is both unified and on-brand. 

James Martin’s Great British Adventure follows James’s experiences as he travels around Great Britain, sampling the best culinary experiences and delights that the nation has to offer. Where other series detailed James Martin’s travels through America and France, the opening sequence of this newest series focuses on colours and visuals consistent with James’s home country and the British theme of the show. Starting in Scotland and working his way down to England, across to Wales and into Northern Ireland, before returning to England and weaving his way down to Cornwall, James meets up with multiple celebrity chefs and learns from them about amazing recipes as he samples the finest cuisines that Great Britain has to offer. The tone of the show is upbeat and fun, and viewers can follow along as James undertakes a new culinary adventure each episode. The opening sequence reflects this energy and adds to each episode with a title series that is both visually appealing and adherent to the overall theme of the series. 

Client - Blue Marlin
Platform - TV / Online

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City College Plymouth
Champion Groundworks
Plymouth Citybus
National Trust
Brittany Ferries