James Martin’s American Adventure

Opening Credits Production Company - Pushed was approached to create the opening programme title sequence for the popular daytime series James Martin’s American Adventure. We used After Effects to combine the different classical USA locations of swamps, deserts and cities, with the flat cut-out style of photographs to represent James Martin on his American journey. We also stayed within a limited colour pallet of red, white, blue and grey to represent the stereotypical American imagery. This quick, upbeat segment is intended to introduce the culinary adventures—and misadventures—that James Martin experiences as he tours the United States and samples the finest cuisine that the country has to offer, staying true to the actual feel of the light-hearted series.

James Martin’s American Adventure was first launched in the UK in late June 2018 and follows James Martin as he travels around America exploring the different food, people and places that inspire him and his cooking. As he works his way from the east coast to the west coast, James samples some of the most varied examples of culinary experiences that the country has to offer, challenging his viewers beliefs about dining in America and entertaining captive—and hungry—audiences across the United Kingdom. Following this series, he released a book detailing his journeys from coast to coast, cooking and eating across the states in a journey that saw him adventure through the vast terrain that America has to offer, as well as all of the unique food choices to go with it. James’s journey took him from the sparkling beaches of the coast to the arid deserts of the west, the friendly swamps of the south, and the bustling cities of the north. Viewers can follow along as James adventures with everyone from cowboys at a ranch to air races and even dines in the swampy city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Along with the recipes from the series, there is also exclusive photography from behind the scenes.

Client - Blue Marlin
Platform - TV / Online

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