Imperial Plexus Alumni Promo

Pushed created this explainer video using a combination of Adobe After Effects, Premier Pro and Illustrator in order to combine elements 2D and 3D animation in a cohesive, engaging manner. The result is an effective visual equating the advertised online community to the global interconnectedness of the world wide web. This allows viewers to have a clear understanding of the purpose of the platform to connect and collaborate with others, as the visuals communicate and reinforce this message alongside the auditory explainer component. Included animations expand upon the variety of opportunities that the platform can provide while staying largely monochromatic and technological in nature for message consistency. Additionally, the visual utilisation of a ball rolling through each scene keeps viewers engaged and connects to the idea of the individual in the audience using the service to make use of a variety of different features and benefits. Ultimately, the video seeks to explain the purpose and opportunities provided within Imperial Plexus while also encouraging the user to get involved in order to begin capitalising upon such opportunities. 

Imperial Plexus is a free online community set up for the alumni of Imperial College London. It offers their ex-students the opportunity to discover others who went to the same university in order to make valuable connections and collaborations beyond their university years. It has provided users the opportunity to get their dream job, make an international career step or build professional connections. By also being available as an app, this platform offers fellow alumni to catch up on recent events, explore online resources or find a new job from anywhere in the world. This explainer video was created as a way for alumni to be made aware of these opportunities and encourage them to join in the ever-growing network of former students. 

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Client - Imperial College London
Platform - Online

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Champion Groundworks
Plymouth Citybus
National Trust
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