Imperial College How to Graduate

Imperial College London can trace its history back to Prince Albert, consort of Queen Victoria. He had a vision for an area of culture and education within London. As well as the Imperial College, this area of culture includes the Royal Albert Hall, Natural History Museum and more. In light of this, the College’s graduation has been held at the Royal Albert Hall for the last 60 years and offers its graduates the opportunity to celebrate their achievements alongside their family, friends, and classmates.

This how to video outlines what needs to happen before graduation day, which includes collecting your gown, your tickets and more. By giving students a guide, it will not only answer any questions, but also hopefully help any anxiety that students may be feeling before a big event such as their graduation, with so much to be handled in preparation for the big day. Organising the movements of hundreds of individuals who all require instruction on what to do is a difficult task, as there is the risk of individuals not reading mailed instructions thoroughly or misunderstanding verbal directions. This video presents a concise explanation of where to go and what to do once graduation day arrives with simple animations and clear instructions to limit confusion and ensure that their graduation goes as smoothly as possible. The animations depict the actual forms, tickets, and envelopes that the graduates need to be aware of and organise prior to arrival, and the final moments clearly explain where to direct further questions. Importantly, the video also maintains a celebratory mood for the graduates who will be celebrating their completion at Imperial College London. The result is a concise, easily accessible way to present the important particulars of graduation day to such a large group.

Client - Imperial College London
Animator - Joe de Noronha

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