ifaDASH Explainer Video

Explainer Video Production - ifaDash is an online platform that financial advisory businesses can use to manage their workflow, monitor live business performances and enhance profitability. In order to effectively drive home these principles, the promotional video needed to be straightforward and include a strong call to action that clearly outlines the benefits of the platform for business owners. When marketing to fellow business professionals, it is important to be professional and direct, making it clear what the purpose of ifaDash is and how it can be implemented into their current programmes to grow their financial advisory businesses even further. At the same time, the promo needed to be short and sweet in order to capture and keep viewers’ attention throughout the entirety of the message.    

This animation was created as a way to promote and raise awareness of the software and its benefits to their potential clientele. Because the video was used across their website as well as on social media and posted to their YouTube channel, it was important to ensure that the message was impactful and memorable while also accurately representing the main message of the ifaDash brand. The strong call to action provided a clear purpose of the video, enabling the audience to grasp the benefits of the platform and envision the uses it could have within their own financial advisory business.

To accomplish these action items, the team at Pushed produced this 2D explainer/promo video which was created in Adobe After Effects, Premier and Illustrator. The format and design allow for a clear follow-through of the message, enhancing the advertisement potential and the power of the message.

Client - IFA Dash
Producer - Dave Meadows
Animator - Chris Allwright

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