Halloween 2023

Halloween - the spookiest time of the year - a night when imagination takes centre stage and the streets come alive with costumes and eerie decorations. Whether you're young or young at heart Halloween is a chance to embrace your inner witch, vampire or superhero and indulge in sweet treats from haunted houses to trick or treat adventures. Dust of your broomstick and get ready for a frightfully fun night.

Pushed created this 2D animation as a way to engage with its audiences and viewers and remain current with relevant posts to social media that feature their signature animation styles. In this specific animation, bright colours were used alongside the classic spooky Halloween motifs—eyeballs and skulls. However, the colour choices and style of animation paired alongside jovial Halloween music and cheerfully falling candy turns this from a horror themed piece into a good-natured wish for a happy and safe Halloween. Short, animated clips such as this are perfect for sharing across social media platforms, as the bright graphics and quick run time capture the audience’s short, easily distracted attention span when scrolling through posts on social media. Such posts also serve as a way for Pushed to demonstrate different styles to different potential clients, giving them ideas for their own animations and sparking the imagination.

Client - Pushed
Producer - Dave Meadows
Animator - Jess Killen

Who we've worked with

City College Plymouth
Champion Groundworks
Plymouth Citybus
National Trust
Brittany Ferries
Fairway Furniture
Imperial College London