GatorTape ‘How To Use’ Video

This live-action explainer video serves as a way for GatorTape to demonstrate the benefits of this new, innovative design that is revolutionising the use of tape measures. Traditional tape measures don’t take into account the tape body and cause you to have to reposition the tape to not obscure the result, resulting in an increased chance of inaccurate measurements—a fact that can have disastrous consequences for your projects. GatorTape considers the length of the body and offers accurate and precise measurements, regardless of what you’re measuring. GatorTape is designed to eliminate the need to wrestle with unwieldy tape measures and estimate in tricky corners.

Explainer videos such as this one allows brands to showcase important concepts so audiences can better understand the utility and innovation of their products. Made to complement their existing promotional videos, this specific explainer video for GatorTape allows them to demonstrate to potential customers the benefits of using their product within a specific scenario. This further helps to promote their brand and product by allowing viewers to imagine how they could use the product within their own lives, leading to more brand engagement as a result. 

Client - GatorTape
Producer - Dave Meadows
Animator - Ben Parker
Cameraman - Gareth Allen
Editor - Joe de Noronha

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