Fairway Furniture Winter Sale TV Commercial

Collaborating with Pushed for this Winter 2021 sale advertisement, this animation was produced during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, with restrictions at the time requiring it to be fully animated rather than incorporating live action elements typical of previously created content for the furniture retailer. The resulting project integrates with Fairway Furniture’s digital presence and brand identity, drawing inspiration from kaleidoscope motifs and accentuated with seasonal snowflakes and jingle bells.

Vibrant colours and details infuse the animation with engaging visual appeal, perfect for the television medium where it was aired. Additionally, the promotional video is further buoyed by the type of adaptability unique to animated content. Originally conceived for the Autumn 2020 sale, it was easily reworked to perfectly match the Winter 2021 campaign. This not only underscores Fairway Furniture’s commitment to cost-effective solutions for business growth but also enhances brand cohesion and instant recognition among audiences. In this updated version, the animation has been transitioned from the cheery hues of autumn to the wintry charm of snowflakes and sleigh bells. This ensures relevance and currency while retaining flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and audience engagement. It serves as a compelling testament to the myriad ways in which animation can propel your business forward.

Client - Fairway Furniture
Producer - Dave Meadows
Animator - Dave Meadows

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