EHRC – Menopause (Video 2)

The Equality & Human Rights Commission is an important entity that works closely with the government of Great Britain to ensure that the laws and policies that are in place are ones that uphold the values of honour, respect, and dignity. They work against the discrimination of minorities and protect individuals who are at risk of unfair treatment in the workplace, public spaces, and more. Their work is vital in helping to ensure that Great Britain is a place that is constantly working to improve the lives of citizens, and act as an independent body to promote fairness for all individuals.

As part of their mission to raise awareness of issues that threaten justice and fairness for the people of Great Britain, the Equality and Human Rights Commission tasked Pushed with creating a three-part series of explainer videos to address the issue of discrimination and lack of understanding for menopausal workers. With such a complex topic involving laws, accommodations, and information, animation is the perfect medium to convey a simple, engaging explanation of the concepts. This video is the second installment in the series and provides an outline for some practical top tips to support menopausal staff. This includes offering suggestions of ways to adjust the physical working environment for a better workplace experience such as changing the room temperature, ensuring ventilation, creating rest areas, and relaxing uniform policies. Under the Equality Act 2010, if an employer fails to make reasonable changes, it can amount to disability discrimination. The Pushed team produced this animation in After Effects, Illustrator, and Premier. Due to its versatile style, it can appeal to a large audience and is the perfect medium to feature on the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s website. 

Client - EHRC
Producer - Dave Meadows
Animator - Matt Stewart-Tribe

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