Coleshill Meadowland Visualisation

Visualisation Video Production - We were approached by the National Trust to make a video that visualised the development that is currently taking place across the Coleshill Estate along with the Buscot Estate. These two estates span over 7000 acres of land, which previously was rented out for agricultural purposes, but is now being slowly revitalised by planting trees and hedgerows and reinstating wild flowers in a project that was designed to protect the cultural heritage while also sustainably returning the developed land to nature. This video was designed to raise awareness of this 5 year development project, so the team employed both a promotional video to provide information and historical context along with a visualisation video to show the before and after landscape and the plans for the area in the future.

This video was created using live action footage combined with drone footage and static camera imagery, which gives a holistic view of the area and the overall scale of this project. As such a large and expansive project, this aspect of aerial footage for scale was deemed particularly necessary for context and scope. The visualisation video seeks to bring the viewer into the mind of the developers in order to physically see the growth that is planned for the sprawling and beautiful land surrounding Coleshill, as well as the steps that have already been taken. While the area surrounding the estate is currently an agricultural meadow, the aerial drone footage coupled with 3D CGI lets the viewer watch as trees are reinstated along the peaceful, winding stream, shading grasses and wildflowers that have proliferated in the area. These video visualisation techniques allow the National Trust to share their vision with others so that they may be similarly inspired and work towards the goal of preserving the natural heritage of the site.

Client - National Trust - Buscot & Coleshill Estate
Producer - Dave Meadow
Animator - Ben Parker, Joe de Noronha
Camera Crew - Sound View Media

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