Coastline Deadline Promo

Coastline Deadline is an initiative undertaken by UK boating company Boatfolk to help reduce and reverse the effects of the current pollution crisis on our coastlines. As a marine-focused company, Boatfolk are only too aware of the immediate need for action in the battle to preserve the UK’s marinas for future generations, and they are eager to do their part to help raise awareness and foster meaningful change.

As part of their mission, Boatfolk with Coastline Deadline needed a way to get their preservationist message out to a wider audience, underlining the seriousness of the pollution crisis and inspiring the general public to take action. They worked with Nixon Design who commissioned Pushed to create this clear and concise promotional video, which emphasises the main points with few supplements to distract from the main message. They wanted to bring awareness to the pollution crisis that our coastlines are facing in order to motivate others to take action and join the fight to preserve our marinas and coasts for future generations.

Pushed employed a graphic 2D animation style, which was supplemented with stylised photographs of coastal issues to emphasise that these are real issues being dealt with by real people. An upbeat soundtrack was used to help cultivate a more impactful call to action, leaving audiences with a desire to join the fight in the battle to preserve our coastlines and marinas.

Client - Nixon Design
Producer - Craig Rothwell
Animator - Craig Rothwell

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Plymouth Citybus
National Trust
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