Beyonder Promo

Beyonder Boating was looking to create a promotional video that showcased the value that the Beyonder brand holds within the world of subscription boating. Their brand caters to a variety of lifestyles and budgets, and they wanted to represent this wide array of options in a promo that would appeal to multiple aspects of their clientele. By combining live action shots with motion graphics and animated text, the video conveys the experience for viewers who were previously unaware of the Beyonder Boating brand and offerings. The Pushed team utilised the live footage to depict families, friends and adventurers all enjoying themselves on one of Beyonder Boating’s large variety of boat options from sailing to sporting to relaxation and entertainment. Animation added a cohesive element that tied this variety of Beyonder clientele together in a simple but engaging effect that was both classy and luxurious.

Client - Nixon Design
Producer - Craig Rothwell
Animator - Joe de Noronah
Editor - Joe de Noronha

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Plymouth Citybus
National Trust
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