Beacon Electrical

Beacon Electrical was founded in 1976 as a local family run business and has managed to keep these core values while expanding from an electrical wholesaler to a one-stop-shop for all aspects of electrical and gas products, from light bulbs right through to washing machines and televisions. They have also grown to four shops across south Devon, with two in Plymouth, one in Totnes and one in Kingsbridge. Now offering rapid delivery combined with a trained, in-house service team, Beacon Electrical has become known for their quality products and friendly service.

As a local business, they are passionate about remaining involved and invested in the community, and so also sponsor Plymouth Argyle Football Club. During home games, sponsors for the football club have their business adverts showing on the screens around the stadium, so Beacon commissioned Pushed to create an advertisement for the screen that would be effective in the unique environment of a noisy football stadium. 

This animation was created using a combination of Adobe After Effects, Illustrator and Premier Pro. Due to the nature of the advert, it needed to convey the message with and without audio, which meant that all key information, such as in house technicians, had to be shown in the visuals instead. Additionally, because viewers would likely only be glancing at the screen in between chatting to friends or watching the game, the information needed to be communicated in a manner that was brief and could compete with all the other attention demands present at a busy game. Audio was added to the final product because the animation was used across Beacon Electrical’s social media platforms as well. One of the benefits of combining your marketing and advertising strategy with animation is the fact that the team at Pushed can help you create a customised product that will fit a multitude of needs, such as in the case of Beacon Electrical. Animation can be a cost-effective way to create brand cohesion and generate incredibly versatile advertisements such as this that can be easily adjusted depending on the current needs of the client.   

Client - Beacon Electrical
Producer - Dave Meadows
Animator - Chris Allwright

Who we've worked with

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