Autism Week 2024

Autism Week 2-8 April 2024

This impactful, 2D animation underscores the hidden aspects of autism that may not be readily apparent from external appearances when interacting with someone. The video depicts two silhouetted figures engaged in a compassionate interaction, before it is subtly revealed as they walk away together that one of the individuals is neurodivergent, conveying the message that autism is not always visible to the naked eye and that there is a large amount of diversity within human experiences. The power of animation is harnessed to deliver a profound and enduring message without relying on words or elaborate visuals. The simplicity of the animation allows the message to resonate deeply with audiences, leaving a lasting impression and encouraging empathy and understanding towards individuals with autism. This approach exemplifies the effectiveness of visual storytelling in promoting awareness and fostering compassion within society for this important cause.

Client - Pushed
Producer - Dave Meadows
Animator - Jess Killen

Who we've worked with

City College Plymouth
Champion Groundworks
Plymouth Citybus
National Trust
Brittany Ferries