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  • Animation and Social Media
    Animation and Social Media – In today’s era of digital consumption, social media is an essential marketing tool and constitutes a vital aspect of a company’s branding or marketing elements.
  • How To Use Your Animation
    How To Use Your Animation – Pushed has helped hundreds of their clients to create custom animations unique to the goals of their business, but the true power of animation
  • Marketing Video Production
    When it comes to marketing in today’s fast-paced digital world, static strategies of yesteryear are no longer working. Viewers and audiences are constantly bombarded by digital information, meaning that it
  • Using Animation for Social Media
    Using Animation For Social Media Campaigns – Social media is one of the most powerful forces that brands can harness for advertising, marketing, and promotions. However, the oversaturation present within
  • How Animation Can Help With Pain Points
    How Animation Can Help With Pain Points – Consumers in today’s marketing landscape are constantly inundated with advertisements, promotions, and sales pitches. This creates a challenge for businesses to reach
  • Animation and Artificial Intelligence
    Animation and Artificial Intelligence – The rise of artificial intelligence, or AI, has been in the forefront of many people’s minds recently, sparking debate within digitally based fields such as

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