How To Use Your Animation

How To Use Your Animation

How To Use Your Animation - Pushed has helped hundreds of their clients to create custom animations unique to the goals of their business, but the true power of animation lies in what you do with it after you receive it. Whether you use your animation in a social media campaign or a paid television promotion, the right approach looks different depending on your individual goals. We have curated this list of some popular ways that clients use their animations after receipt, along with pros and cons of each option, so that you can determine which option or options might work best for your unique situation.  

Social media: Social media campaigns are a great way for brands to interact and connect with their audiences. The dynamic nature of animations allows them to stand out even on crowded social media feeds, and they are more likely to be shared, liked, and commented on. Social media campaigns also allow the brand to curate personality, creativity, and connection. However, due to differing autoplay, scrolling, and sound considerations, it can be challenging to optimise an animation to each platform. Pushed excels at creating social media-friendly animations with attention-grabbing visuals and concise messaging to ensure optimal performance in a fast-scrolling environment.  

Websites: Integrating animations into your brand’s website can enhance the user experience and convey complex information in a more visually appealing manner, helping to tell a story about your brand, product, or service. This makes information more digestible and keeps visitors on the website for longer. However, heavy animations can slow down pages, potentially impacting user experience. Pushed works to optimise animations for web use, balancing visual impact with file size so as not to impair page speed.  

Paid Ads: Paid advertising is a strategic way to reach a wider audience, and animation further boosts the effectiveness of these campaigns. Animated ads often have higher click-through rates compared to static ones, as they grab attention quickly and convey the message in a concise and memorable way. However, these can be very expensive and must be created with the potential audience in mind. Pushed can help your marketing goals by creating impactful animations to align with campaign goals and fit within budget constraints.  

Television Ads: Television remains a powerful advertising medium, and animations can provide a fresh, dynamic perspective to traditional TV commercials. In fact, animated ads have a higher likelihood of being remembered by viewers and offer creative freedom in storytelling and brand representation. However, one of the major cons of paid television promotions is the fact that there is so much legwork which must be undertaken in order to have an effective and efficient television campaign. This is where Pushed can help, as our media buying services can help you to generate exposure, sales, and buzz surrounding your project. Media planning can be a complicated process, so our experienced media buyers can negotiate, purchase and monitor advertising campaigns on your behalf, allowing you to maximise your return on investment. 

How can Pushed help with your goals after animation creation?  

 Our profound understanding of animation strategies enables us to tailor the end result to the specific platform where the final product will be showcased.  We can optimise your product to the unique challenges and characteristics that each channel presents, as well as help you navigate the challenges in order to leverage the full potential of your animation to your audiences. When it comes to promotional animation, you are in good hands with the Pushed team, who are here to help you from the creation of your animation to the publication and TV media planning phase. Reach out to us today and start dreaming big for your company!  

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